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Restoring in Harmony with Nature 

Bio-mimetic Dentistry is the use of restorative materials that have been specifically designed to mimic your natural tooth structure and be safe to the surrounding tissues.

Dr Munawwar Ladak specialises in using these conservative techniques wherever possible to protect, preserve and, when required, also to enhance and strengthen your own teeth.

Composite-Resin and Ceramic tooth-coloured fillings 

Aesthetic, mercury-free materials, that seamlessly strengthen and bond to your teeth.

We only place bonded tooth-coloured fillings at Safana and do not use 'silver' amalgam.

  • We do not believe that all amalgam is bad - there are many types of various qualities. Higher quality types can last for many years and are more resistant to corrosion and breakdown. 
  • Poorer quality amalgam fillings tend to tarnish quicker and can leach metallic breakdown products into your body. These types are better replaced.
  • Amalgams do not bond predictably to your tooth structure, so can leak, cause sensitivity and lead to fractures in teeth.
  • We prefer white composite fillings because:
    • When bonded correctly to your teeth, they seal and protect the remaining tooth structure - they can strengthen your teeth, reducing the risk of fracture and sensitivity
    • They have more natural aesthetics.

Quartz Fibre-Posts and Glass-Ceramic Crowns

Aesthetic, metal-free materials, that strengthen the remaining tooth, rather than weaken them.

Our aim is to save and restore your teeth rather than remove and replace them.

  • Here, the tooth was complete sheared off at gum level. Root canal treatment was undertaken and the tooth was then built up with a quartz fibre-glass post and composite core - safer than conventional metal-posts as they are passively bonded and strengthen the root from further damage.
  • An All-Ceramic crown was made to seamlessly bond to the remaining tooth root and core build-up. This is lighter than a conventional metal-based crown and gives better aesthetics at the front of the mouth.

Freehand Bonding for Worn-down Teeth

Excessive tooth-wear can cause certain problems - depending on how extensive the wear has been, you may be concerned about:

  • The appearance of the worn teeth
  • Sensitivity associated with hot or cold drinks or foods
  • Difficulty or soreness whilst chewing
  • The lifespan of your teeth.

Our aim is to improve the aesthetics, function and long-term stability of these teeth:

  • We feel that conventional crowns or veneers are not appropriate for these situations - placing these can be overly destructive to your remaining tooth structure
  • We prefer to directly overlay the worn down teeth with aesthetic composite materials. This freehand-bonding technique has the following benefits:
    • We do not remove any of your tooth tissue at all - making it the best option for the long-term health of your teeth
    • We can improve on the shape and contour of the teeth, protecting them against further wear, whilst keeping a natural appearance
    • The treatment can be combined with whitening the teeth - to brighten them in a safe way and improve their aesthetics.

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