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Using technology to benefit our patients

What is Digital Dentistry? 

The term Digital Dentistry refers to those digital or computer-controlled aspects that have now been introduced into treatments and can be used for more advanced, more accurate dentistry.

Dentistry has changed vastly over the years - this has been for two main reasons: partly due to the remarkable developments in dental materials that are available, but also due to the huge advancements in technology, that can now be used to enhance our treatments.

How does this benefit our patients?

Dr Munawwar Ladak has always had a passion for using technology where possible, to benefit both his practise of dentistry and his patients. At Safana, we have been using digital radiography and digital photography, as part of our normal procedures when treating patients, since the practice opened in 2011. This has greatly enhanced our ability to communicate with patients so they are fully aware of any treatments that are required, as well as to show how these treatments have improved their dental health over time.

Now, Dr Ladak has also introduced a digital intra-oral scanner to further enhance and facilitate our more complex advanced treatments. We have invested in this technology so we can continue to offer our patients the highest level of care.

 Why the iTero intra-oral digital scanner?

Dr Ladak has chosen the iTero scanner as it has a number of innovative features that allow us to push the boundaries of modern dentistry.  It features an advanced wand to help us work as efficiently as possible, whilst scanning in the mouth. This uses single-use sleeves in keeping with our high-level infection control procedures.

Scans are automatically captured with the integrated software and the images are then projected in colour on the screen in real-time, building incredibly precise and accurate visual 3D images of your teeth and surrounding tissues. In-built controls, with integrated gyro technology, allow us to rotate the computer-generated models on the screen and focus on specific areas. This improves our visibility and allows our clinicians to plan the treatment accurately. Patients can also be involved in this process, to see exactly what improvements can be made to their teeth.

The scanner is engineered to be compatible with a number of treatments such as Invisalign and for the accurate planning of implants, crowns, bridges and veneers. This is done in conjunction with our technicians at specialised dental laboratories who have compatible software to produce highly accurate and precisely fitting dental appliances.

The benefits of using the iTero Digital Scanner

  • A simple procedure that removes the need to use impression putty or paste in your mouth
  • Comfortable and pain-free,  particularly beneficial for those patients with a strong gag reflex
  • Swift impression taking – scanning a full arch of teeth takes only a few minutes to complete
  • 3D Digital Impressions of the teeth and surrounding tissues are created in real-time - available to view within the same visit
  • Highly accurate 3D images produced, resulting in the production of extremely precise aligners, appliances or restorations by our technicians at specialist dental laboratories
  • The ability to provide you with an insight and prediction of your future smile even before the treatment starts