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Improving your smile

At Safana, we recommend Invisalign® for adults that want to straighten their teeth quickly and discreetly - avoiding fixed braces that use brackets and wires.

Dr Shazia Kassam is a Comprehensive Invisalign Provider and uses the full Invisalign system with our iTero scanner, to straighten teeth and improve smiles as discreetly as possible.


Precision Technology

This type of orthodontic system uses a custom made set of incredibly thin, clear aligners that fit over your teeth and are barely visible. They work over time, to gently and effectively move your teeth into a more ideal position for both their function and aesthetics.

The advanced material makes the clear aligners extremely comfortable to wear, and they can be removed for cleaning, eating and for special events if needed.

Benefits of Invisalign® aligners

Discreet - barely visible, allowing them to fit into your lifestyle

Removeable - allows for more comfortable eating and easier for you to maintain your regular dental hygiene procedures to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Comfortable - more comfortable compared to traditional fixed braces. Any fixed attachments that may be needed are kept very discreet, are tooth coloured and made of plastic so are kept smooth.

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